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How we grew a real estate company’s organic traffic to 120000/ per month 


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Real Estate

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About the Brand

Grovy India limited was established in the year 1985, with a purpose of developing extraordinary real estate properties that would change the scenario of the construction industry. Equipped with teams of skilled and experienced engineers, architects, planners and designers Grovy has established itself as developers of ‘Boutique Apartments’.


Our main goal was to boost the traffic of GrovyIndia through organic search. As the Grovy India worked in a competitive niche of “Boutique Apartments”. It was important for them to have strong organic visibility. We wanted to rank for more competitive keywords. 


After a period of research and analysis, it was clear that in order to improve the performance of the identified lead terms, the emphasis of the strategy would be to enhance the backlink profile of the GrovyIndia website. The strategic approach was to undertake a content marketing approach to identify relevant industry websites or influencers and get backlinks from them. 


Backlinking from Industry relevant sites


Although this strategy can be replicated for other companies, but this is good demonstration how you can get relevant links from relevant industry websites.


The first place we linked GrovyIndia to sites like: 


We registered with more than 40+ industry websites.


Video Testimonials and Guest Posts


Next, we used text and video testimonial interviews as a way to build backlinks. We didn’t go after the testimonials specifically to get backlinks, but whenever we were doing one, we made sure to mention GrovyIndia, which usually got us a backlink from the show notes or blog articles.

Broken Links

We also did a bit of broken link building, since there was a massive technical issue that took down their whole site, leading to a ton of broken links we could go after. We don’t think this resulted in more than five links though, and it was the only “active” link building we did.

And then we Waited……

There are a few big reasons we, see people fail to get traffic like this.

One is content quality. If your articles aren’t really, really good, they assumably won’t rank. It’s important to have high-quality content for this kind of strategy to work.

But after content quality, we’d argue the next most important aspect is patience. A lot of people give up way too early, and miss out on seeing these kinds of results. 



Our organic search strategy for GrovyIndia has delivered some impressive year-on-year results including other efforts also like On-Page SEO, Technical SEO, Social Media and Paid campaigns.

Few of the other notable results were:


148% increase in organic sessions

45% increase in overall sessions

74% increase in organic revenue

17% increase in online revenue


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"Cratal's team got me off the baggage of hiring 10 professional and got us moving in a couple of week's time. I rely on them for growth."

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