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High Performance Driven
Campaigns to Achieve Business Growth

Positive ROI is our main objective and we are able to achieve it with the intersection of Data. By automating processes and reducing redundancies, we deliver smart results. 

We merge with your current internal processes, optimize costs and boost results using our subject knowledge and marketing expertise.


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Core Offerings


Using our deep experience in running performance campaigns, we provide a wide range of services for the most popular platforms & methods to achieve leads and conversions for your business globally.


We build outstanding websites to ensure you create the right user experience and retention when your target group visits you online. We work with clients to consult them on solving immediate growth hacks and plan a long term high output strategy


We create creative campaigns to amplify your brand using effective communication & design, in front of the most converting audience segments for your business. Be it SEO/ASO or core content marketing, we have made companies ace the game and rank them on the first page

1. Planning

An immense subject knowledge transfer from the client’s is a must before we kick start a new project. 

2. Strategy

We create a wholesome long term strategy with measurable key indicators to quantify growth.

3. execute

We charter out an   execution plan with  timelines & dependencies to maintain absolute clarity with all stakeholders involved.

4. report

We derive insights from the data and prepare a  mature reporting module along with insight driven optimization to complete the feedback loop.

Digital Solutions We Provide

Performance Marketing

We help set up campaigns on all major  digital mediums automating it with the right tools and so as to get a positive ROI with continuous optimization.

Digital Content

Our research based content across all effective modes of communication - blogs, videos, listicles, text, audio content and graphics will help you build a strong connect between your brand and customers.   

Email Marketing and Automation

Not  everyone has been able to perfect email marketing. With a blend of creativity and automation; along with list cleaning,  emails can do wonders for their clients. 

Affiliate Marketing

Our network partners offer target audience specific campaigns on display using geo-fencing for global brands. to build alternate growth channels. Using the right TG and relevant channels, affiliate can grow manifold.


We build a detailed roadmap for our clients understanding your target market, competitors & your product service offerings to deliver a  long term trajectory for you.

Business Consulting

We’re your growth consultants. We help our clients with industry's best practices and growth hacks basis on market study.  

Search Engine Optimization

Our team of SEO experts help you build a long term sustainable growth with strategic content and a killer outreach strategy.

Mobile Marketing

Objective driven mobile campaigns across all channels and targeted app installs can change your growth trajectory in the next 5 years. Given that more than 70% searches are on Mob, its the key to growth.

Social Media Management

We help you come up with a strong footprint on social media.  Buzz creation, customer engagement, ecommerce conversions & lead generation is our forte. 

Media Buying and Advertising

We’re seasoned experts in running search & display ads with the right audience segmentation and timely optimization to meet your business objectives. 

Website Development & UI/UX

We build conversion funnels, state-of-the-art advanced languages & web page optimization techniques for clients.

Influencer Marketing

We chart out the right influencers that suits your brand of voice using  engagement metrics, negotiate with them on your behalf and get campaigns executed for a wider reach and so to build organic growth.

"Cratal's team got me off the baggage of hiring 10 professional and got us moving in a couple of week's time. I rely on them for growth."

Arshdeep Singh
ISG Solutions


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