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B2B Lead Generation

Exodus offers curated stays  across the world. This means delving into local traditions, cultures, cuisine, lifestyles – anything that contributes to its unique identity.  They plan travels courteously and respectfully, in smaller groups to minimise our impact, to ensure that every Exodus holiday is a beneficial experience for everyone involved. 


To generate enquiries for villa rentals




Performance Marketing

Generated 3K Leads for a Leading Travel Company | Exodus

Delivery Overview

   For Facebook, we followed a funnel approach :

  • To create the top of the funnel, we created a targeted traffic and video views campaign to create awareness about various locations by showcasing the images in a carousel, short videos & instant experience ads and to garner interest.

  • In addition to this, to create a strong purchase intent, we created conversions campaign to target lookalike of their prospects, purchasers and  engagers. The objective over here was to arouse interest in  potential audience and nudging them towards becoming a customer by reinforcing the unique selling proposition through our ad communication and creatives.

  • We aggressively retargeted the bottom of the funnel to create a top of the mind recall for them to make an enquiry on the website.

For Google, we created Search Campaigns based on the location of the villas.

  • In each of these campaigns, all the domain keywords were  accumulated and then segregated into root ad groups.

  • Later we created custom ads to generate relevancy and therefore get conversions.

  • We also created Discovery campaigns and added multiple images for a strong brand recall of the property. These ads were also used  for remarketing purposes.


Spends – Rs. 16000 USD
Leads – 3000
CPL – 5.6 USD
Bookings – 124
Cost/Booking – 40 USD

The campaign ran for a duration of 3 months i.e. Jan, Feb and March and we spent 5000 USD and received 8,706,492 impressions and 1,68,876 clicks out of which we generated 863 leads at a CPL of 5 USD and closed down 124 bookings consisting 581 nights of stay. The cost per booking achieved was 40 USD and the AOV generated was 2207 USD

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"Cratal's team got me off the baggage of hiring 10 professional and got us moving in a couple of week's time. I rely on them for growth."

Arshdeep Singh
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