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How Easyrewardz grew its followers to 2x in 8 months on LinkedIn


The Brand Easyrewardz is a software company providing CRM tools for businesses across industries. Using their experience and technological expertise, they developed a cloud-based CRM platform that plugs in seamlessly with the client’s transactional systems, making the entire process quick and rewarding for them and their customers.



By March 2020, Easyrewardz had launched a dedicated Easyrewardz Partner website, which serves as its main content hub, as well as a LinkedIn Showcase Page to share content and engage its community and B2B Customers. The Easyrewardz Partner Showcase Page is the first in the software services market dedicated to the B2B automotive, retail, manufacturing and Pharma sectors. The first order of business was to build the Easyrewardz Partner community. With a clear target audience defined by both industry and seniority, Cratal and team developed a digital marketing strategy that synergised both organic and paid media opportunities on the platform. Their goal was to acquire 4,000 followers for Easyrewardz Partner by December 2021. They achieved this in two-thirds of the time, effectively doubling their follower count by August 2021.


Prior to Easyrewardz Partner, the company did not have a direct digital touchpoint for B2B communications. Now, the channel has become a key digital asset that supports the Easyrewardz brand and strengthens its positioning as a market leader. This was possible because Easyrewardz was able to rapidly develop a cohesive digital strategy with the support of Cratal Digital Marketing services and with the involvement of all internal stakeholders, particularly its B2B sales network. 

Connecting with decision makers like Project Manager, Purchase Heads, Marketing Heads, Account Managers, Co-Founders and Directors were filtered and connected with the Partners Program.

Also the size of the organisation were taken into consideration while building the relevant audience for the Partner’s program page.


Three elements of their strategy stand out:

  1. Delivering value through content 

Easyrewardz Partner focuses on sharing relevant and timely insights of interest to its community. Cratal and Easyrewardz team developed content using industry trend analysis, survey reports, case studies and interviews to attract and hold interest. But there's more: Cratal helped Easyrewardz develop its own data platform site for the automotive world, called Automotive Market Overview, which is promoted through LinkedIn. All this high-value content is delivered using a mix of images, videos, articles and documents. 


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2. Committing to an always-on approach

Cratal helped Easyrewardz maintain and editorial calendar that maps out their content plan and posting schedule. This confirmed that followers were consistently engaged with new content. Cratal also helped reach a wider audience and acquire new followers with the help of creating high-performing organic posts. 

We helped them create sponsored content on the platform, and previews of Easyrewardz Partner’s most significant content were also inserted into company’s E-Newsletter to drive traffic to its linkedIn Showcase Page.


A few of the Hashtags we used to promote the Partners Page were:


#customerexperience #customerdataplatform #customerdata #customersegmentation #customerreviews #easyrewardz #zence #CDP #zenceanalytics #analyticstools #aipowered #customerconnect #customerrelationship #pharma #automotive #manufacturing #linkedIncommunity #customercomunity #customerinsight #customerservice

3. Continuously testing, learning and optimizing

While it appears that Easyrewardz Partner has landed on a winning marketing strategy, Cratal is constantly monitoring, measuring, and making refinements with support from LinkedIn Marketing Solutions. This includes testing different targeting options to reach the right audience and adjusting bids and budgets to optimize spend along the way.


Taking Easyrewardz Partner into the future 

While Easyrewardz Partner was the result of a quick pivot due to the pandemic, its success has earned it a permanent place in the company’s larger marketing strategy. 


For these reasons, Easyrewardz will continue on its digital journey with Cratal and LinkedIn Marketing with strong determination, also exploring new ways to further expand its community and create synergies with its partners, following its ‘100% digital, 100% human’ strategy.

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